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Helping girls earn and manage money is an integral part of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. Your Girl Scout group is responsible for planning and financing its own activities, with your guidance. This puts girls in charge, giving them the opportunity (with your oversight) to cooperatively set goals, manage a budget, spend responsibly, maintain records, earn social skills, and develop good marketing, entrepreneurial, math, and financial skills.

Girl Scout groups are funded by a share of money earned through council-sponsored product sale activities (such as Girl Scout Cookie sales), group money-earning activities (council-approved, of course!), and any dues your group may charge. (This is in addition to the $15 annual membership dues that goes to the national organization.) This page gives you the ins and outs of establishing a group account, helping girls manage their group finances, practice successful product-sales techniques, review the safety requirements around product sales, and understand how to collaborate with sponsors and causes.



Financial Forms

Make sure to refer to Volunteer Essentials (Chapter 5 pages 75-82) for all financial procedures

Here is the information needed for the form regarding your bank account, to be turned in:

Service Unit # is 2647 

Service Unit Manager:  Jennifer Richart (

Service Unit Treasurer: Christine Moore (

ALL SIGNERS AUTHORIZED ON YOUR ACCOUNT ARE TO BE LISTED, this includes Jennifer Richart (Service Area Manager) and Christine Moore (Service Area Treasurer).  (Please contact Jennifer and Christine for their addresses if you do not currently have them)

 Bank Name: Mars National Bank    Branch:  Cranberry Twp

Account Number (you must fill this in, the Service Area Treasurer does not have this information).  Middle set of numbers on your checks.

The form regarding Income and Expenses, to be turned in.  You must fill in amounts in those categories that are applicable to your troop.  Not all categories will have an amount. 

****If during cookies sales your troop received a monetary donation and you kept if for the troop, it must be listed as Other Income, it is NOT part of your troops proceeds.

This also applies to any family that made a donation to the troop instead of selling during the Nut or Cookie Sale.

 If you took cash out of your troops account for start up money for your booth sales, that also needs to be listed as Other Income and Other Expense, because you redeposited that money.  You can list it as Start Up Money Cookies.

If you are a new troop, you will not have a Beginning Balance. Your Balance On Hand should match the balance you show in your check register or on your transaction sheet and should coincide with the Ending Balance of your most recent bank statement after listing all Outstanding Checks and Deposits on the front. 

A copy of that most recent statement must be turned in, first page only. 

Ask your Cookie and/or Nut Mom for the Final Report from those sales, you will need to show that information in your Income and Expenses.  DO NOT turn these in, keep them with your troops records.

 A copy of whatever form you use listing all transactions, must be turned in.

 For any signer on your account that was reimbursed for $200 or more on one check, the receipts for that check must be copied and turned in as well.

 Your form will ask for 2 signatures, The Service Area Treasurer will be one of them.

For listing future plans for your troop, you do not need to attach a detailed list of everything, just give a general idea.

 Please, if you as the leader do not do the financials, please pass this along to the person that takes care of it for you.

Make sure to keep originals as a copy!!!!


Due to the change of Service Team Members, every troop should have updated their signature card and resolution form during the fall of 2014.  This was the time to update or change your banking preferences.  Should a leader or treasurer for any troop change, a new signature card and resolution form will be needed.  Please contact the Service Unit Manager and Service Unit Treasurer to coordinate the change with you.

 *****  Please keep in mind that Jennifer Richart and Christine Moore need to be on every account.  Each account must have a minimum of 3 signers, no signers may be related.  You may have more than 3 signers if you choose.

  • You will need a "Resolution" Form from the Service Area Manager.

If you would like to switch to only need 1 signature for checks, please visit Mars National to fill out new signature card

Please refer to Volunteer Essentials for the following procedures and more: 

Bank Account, Debit Cards, Disbanding Troops, Discrepancies in Bank Acct, etc.

*** You are able to get one authorized debit card from Mars National Bank.***


  • 1 Copy of the Annual Finance Report (BOTH PAGES) - You can attach an Excel Spreadsheet to this report as well

  • Just first page of the Most Recent Bank Statement -

  • Please list any outstanding checks and/or deposits to front page of most current bank statement.

**If you have been reimbursed for more than $200.00, you must provide COPIES of receipts

**All yearly financials should be kept for 7 years

**You should only carry $25.00 per girl over to the next year.  If more, you will have to state why more


  • Always write in the note section of the check what the check you are writing out is for (ex: event, registration, expenses, etc.)

  • Try to reimburse yourself for one item such as program supplies or badges, donations, parties, etc.  This will be easier for you to put your expenses into categories at the end of the scouting year.

  • Keep a folder throughout the year to keep yourself organized.  Keep everything in there such as bank statements, receipts, etc.

  • When you reimburse yourself, put all receipts together with a note of the check # for the reimbursement.

  • Make sure you get a copy of the cookie sales and magnut sales report as soon as sale is completed.

  • Make sure you check bank statements every month as they come in and balance your checkbook! 

  • After resolution for year, draw a line underneath the balanced amount so you know where to begin for the next year

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